You are about to take an assessment based on the scientifically validated and EEOC compliant Hartman Value Profile© (HVP). It will take about 10 minutes to complete.

How it works...
 If this is your first time taking the HVP/VQ profile assessment, you'll discover that this assessment is quite unlike any other. You may even wonder how in the world we can determine anything from it. However, our proprietary method for evaluating the results enables us to identify your current “VQ Profile” (VQ = Value-judgment Quotient). 

Your VQ Profile is a scientific measurement of your "inner operating system." Your "inner operating system" is a composite of all your perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and value judgments about yourself and the world around you objectively examined through the lens of 36 unique axiological thinking perspectives. It is what drives your thinking, choices, actions, reactions, and interactions.

Your VQ Profile reveals your unique combination of thinking strengths and weaknesses and identifies the keys to unlocking your potential and reducing the negative impact of any weaknesses.

Getting Started... Please ensure that you will not be disturbed or distracted for the next 10 minutes while you complete the 2-part assessment exercise. When you are ready, enter your information and then click “Continue.”

Enjoy your experience. Please call 832-886-6452 or email with any questions.

Traci Duez
Break Free Consulting, LLC

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